Everybody is welcome to join us for any of our services, even if you are just curious!

The usual pattern of services is:


10.30am Choral Parish Mass (Eucharist)

On the 4th Sunday of the month (apart from in August) we have Choral Evensong at 6pm. 



12noon Eucharist 

12:30pm Coffee Hour



7pm   BCP Eucharist followed by Bible Study and Prayer Group


We are currently streaming the services over Facebook as well as welcoming people into the cchurch building.  We invite you to please wear a mask to help protect others if you intend to come in person.  


In order to visit us

St Mark's Hamilton Terrace

St Mark's Church
114 Hamilton Terrace

Please email to enquire about bookings.


To discuss weddings, Christenings or to speak to a priest for any other reason Tel: 020 7328 4373 (vicar) Please note: the vicar is unable to help with hall bookings.

E-mail the parish office on:

Or use our contact form.

Feeling a bit unsure about coming to St Mark's?

The thought of coming to church can feel more than a little daunting. You will probably have a number of questions and reasons why it’s not a good idea.  We have highlighted some common reasons why people worry about attending, and tried to provide some reassurance that it might be better than you fear!

1.    "I won’t know what to do"
Nor do we sometimes, but we’ll help you and not try to catch you out. And anyway, who cares if someone sits down when everyone else is standing up!

2.    "I don't know anybody"
That'll last until you walk through the door.  We're just the same as you - local people from in and around the area - and cannibalism died out round here a few years back . . .

3.    "Ten years ago, someone at a church somewhere was really awful to me"
That's really bad, and we're sorry you experienced that.  Give us a chance to make that up to you.

4.    "My kids will be too noisy"
Great; we love noisy children: each one created uniquely in the image of God.  And anyway, the vicar can be quite noisy too!

5.    "I can't come to Church until I get my life together"
Church is HOW we get our life together;  a place for new beginnings and a place for belonging.

6.    "Church is filled with a bunch of Hypocrites"
CORRECT!  and there's plenty of room for more . . . Imperfect people are especially welcome.

7.    "Is there some kind of Dress Code?"
YES.  The code is 'wear some clothes'.  Come as you are.

8.    "I'm not sure I believe everything you believe"
Absolutely FINE!  But you can still belong and be part of a group of people journeying together to learn how to love.  Doubters are always very welcome.

9.    "If you knew me, and what I’ve done, you wouldn’t want me"
If you know us, and what we’ve done, you wouldn’t be worried.  Forgiveness is at the heart of the Christian message. It’s OK to not be OK.

10.    "I'm not Church of England"
SO?  Church is not about a religion – it’s about relationship: relationship with God and relationship with each other.

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